What’s a free Kickstart?

Not every family needs the same level of support, and Undivided is dedicated to meeting each family where they are to provide the environment where they and their child can thrive. It is for this reason that Undivided offers a free Kickstart to welcome each family into the Undivided Support System.

The free Kickstart is a family’s time with a dedicated Undivided Navigator to understand how Undivided may best support their individual wants and needs.


Video calls with your Navigator

(Up to 45 minutes)


Unlimited app messaging

“My Navigator understands what it is like from a parent perspective so I feel seen, heard, and understood.”

– The Haskew Family, Partnering with Undivided since 2020

The focus of the Kickstart is for you to partner with your Navigator to determine where, when, and how Undivided can best support your family.


Identify near-term goals and priorities.


Develop a vision and long-term goals for your child/family. Our app is designed to help with this.


Begin to map out plans and strategies to execute near-term and long-term goals.

At the end of your Kickstart, you can select the level of continued support you will receive from Undivided.

About Undivided

Undivided is a support system for families raising kids with disabilities. Though there are various programs, providers, and benefits already available, they are disjointed and often very difficult to navigate.

At Undivided, we provide the glue that binds all existing programs and benefits together. We do this by layering in our unique software (via both mobile and web applications) and offering quality content and live events. In addition, we offer the support of our Undivided Navigators as well as top experts in the topics and subjects that matter most to our families.

This is how we ensure that every family feels supported, heard, and empowered.


Expert-driven content, guidance, and solutions.


The answers you need during weekly events and expert office hours.


A private, moderated community of parents like you.

At the end of your Kickstart, you can select the level of continued support you will receive from Undivided.

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