Considering California’s
Self-Determination Program?

Undivided can help you put together a Person-Centered Plan (PCP) for your child and act as your Independent Facilitator at no cost to you.

How it works

Transition to Regional Center’s Self-Determination Program with 1:1 support every step of the way.

1. Chat with us

Talk to a knowledgeable team member to see if Self-Determination is right for you.

2. Make your plan and budget

We’ll work with you to create your Person-Centered Plan and spending plan.

3. Stay supported

Get support beyond the transition. As an Undivided member, you’ll work with experts and peers to help your family thrive.

Trusted by parents in California

“To have someone who listens and understands, validates fears, and finds solutions is so helpful.”
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Why choose Self-Determination?

Self-Determination brings...


You’ll have more freedom than ever to develop a plan for your child and choose who helps you along the way.



The budget is yours — you’ll have a greater say in how your child’s money is spent, including service types and vendors.



A separate budget pays for your transition, so you get the support you need without sacrificing a penny from your child’s care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regional centers are private, independent non-profit corporations – each one covering a different geographic area – contracted by the State of California through the Department of Developmental Services to coordinate services and support for people with developmental disabilities and their families. You can find out more information about eligibility here, but we recommend consulting your pediatrician if you haven't yet.

The Self-Determination Program (SDP) is a voluntary alternative to the traditional way of receiving Regional Center services. SDP was signed into California law in 2013, then slowly rolled out over several years through a lottery system. It was finally made available to all eligible Regional Center consumers on July 1, 2021.

SDP gives people with disabilities more freedom, control, and responsibility to choose the services and supports that help them meet their goals and be fully included in their community. The participant or, in the case of a minor child, the parent/guardian, is given an individualized budget and uses it to decide which services they’d like and who should provide them. Providers don’t need to be Regional Center vendors, and can even be family members. A Person-Centered Plan (PCP) drives the entire process, and is focused on what the person can and wants to do (rather than what they can’t do) and the supports, services, and resources needed to help them achieve their goals.

California residents who are eligible for the Self-Determination Program include:

  1. Those who have a developmental disability and receive services from a Regional Center (children who are enrolled in Early Start are not eligible).
  2. People who live at home or in the community (those who live in care facilities are not eligible, unless they are planning to move out of the facility).
  3. Those who agree to participate in an orientation, work with a financial management services agency, and manage the program’s services within their budget.

Once you select Undivided as your Independent Facilitator, we’ll help you and your child transition to the Self-Determination Program by providing key technology and 1-on-1 support every step of the way. 

Here’s what to expect:

  • Make your Person-Centered Plan (PCP)
    Answer a few quick questions and upload key documents using our simple yet revolutionary technology; then one of our specialists will help you finalize your plan.
  • Get your budget & decide how to spend it
    Your Regional Center will respond to your plan with an individualized budget, which will then inform a spending plan we’ll help you make. If desired, we’ll also help you find a reputable Financial Management Service (FMS) to help you coordinate payments to vendors, stay organized, and more.
  • Stay supported
    As an Undivided member, you’ll have ongoing access to your new digital Binder, plus support from a dedicated team of experts and peers, all fully invested in helping your child and your whole family thrive.

To learn more about Undivided’s Independent Facilitator program and how we can support you and your child (aged 3-18) at no cost to you, please contact us.

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