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Thursday, October 5, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. PDT

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Regional Center’s Self-Determination Program (SDP) gives people with disabilities more freedom to choose the services and supports that help them meet their goals. The participant is given an individualized budget and uses it to decide what services they’d like and who should provide them. Whether your child is already enrolled and you want to get more out of SDP, or you’re interested in learning more about the program, join us for a live event with the California State Council for Developmental Disabilities. We will cover your biggest questions, any program updates or changes, and anything else you need to know about getting services and supports through the Self-Determination Program!

You can catch the replay of this event here (with transcript available) or read our recap with the highlights here

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About the speaker: Christine C. Tolbert, SDP Program Manager

Christine C. Tolbert’s commitment to those with disabilities began over twenty years ago with adolescents and young adults with disabilities who were at-risk or engaged in the justice system with co-occurring specialized health care, mental, and behavioral health needs. She is a fierce and compassionate advocate for those with developmental and cross-disabilities, their families and those who serve them throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Christine is an expert in capacity-building and systemic change advocacy that improves equity and access in areas of health care, safety, education, and employment. Christine has also served at a Los Angeles area regional center before moving to the State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD) sixteen years ago as the Clients’ Rights Advocate to the Lanterman Developmental Center, providing consultation to residents, families, staff, attorneys, and regional centers concerning resident’s rights through its eventual closure.  As the SCDD Orange County Office Advocate, she chaired the CalOptima Member Advisory Committee, facilitated the Health Care Task Force and was an active stakeholder in numerous other inter-agency collaboratives in Orange County, advocating for the needs of the youngest in early start to employment and post-secondary education opportunities for adults. Christine is honored to serve in the SDP Program Manager position within SCDD to ensure the voice of the disability community, including needs and gaps, is emphasized, and woven throughout the development of practices and priorities through this program.

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