A special offer from Undivided:

Comprehensive Insurance Benefits Audit + One Year of Undivided Membership

Get the most out of your plan with a special offer from Undivided!
Whether you’re deep in denials, your out-of-network claims are piling up, or
you’re getting nowhere with tedious customer service calls, Undivided’s Health Plan Advocacy team can help you understand your next steps. The Audit + Membership package includes a personalized review of your plan and access to ongoing support.

Your comprehensive insurance benefits audit includes:

Insurance Crash Course

Get an overview tailored to your specific health plan’s benefits, limits, reimbursement percentages, share of cost, filing deadlines, deductible, and out-of-pocket expenses.

Written Recap + Review Call

Your Health Plan Advocate will provide a benefits breakdown of your health plan coverage, requirements, and provider networks; forecast out-of-network expenses; and make recommendations to help maximize insurance reimbursement for your child’s plan of care.

As part of this package, your one-year Undivided membership gives you the support you need to thrive.


Digital Binder

Ditch the three-ring disaster. Our fully secure digital binder has space for every document you might need including medical, therapeutic, IEP, and more.

Curated guides, videos, and more

Get step-by-step guides for big actions and little everyday tasks. Make the most of everything from your public benefits to your next IEP.


Live events

Get members-only access to expert-led Undivided Office Hours, workshops, community get-togethers, and live events.

When you need a little extra support, you'll have access to our experts, all in one place.

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Insurance Services

Let us file your claims, help you maximize your benefits, or assist you with a denial.

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IEP and School Experts

We’ll prepare you for your IEP or 504 whether it’s the first one, an annual update, or an emergency IEP.

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Research Services

Our team creates personalized reports: from school searches to specialty providers to classes and activities in your area.

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Government Benefits

Take the guesswork out of accessing Regional Center services, Medi-Cal benefits, the IHSS program, and more.

Trusted by parents in California

“We WON because you coached me! It’s about more than the money. It’s about struggling families trying to help their kids and being told ‘too bad.’ Insurance companies count on clients quitting, and they take advantage of it. Thank you!”

— Lindsay C.

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