Let us help you access all the resources your child is eligible for.

Whether your child just received a new diagnosis or you’ve been trying to navigate the systems of health insurance, education, and public benefits for years, we’re here to make sure you don’t have to do it alone. With the collective knowledge of experts, professionals, and fellow parents, we’re here to help you support your family.

How do I make sure my child gets what they need at school?
What do I do if I can’t find an in-network therapist for my child?
Are there respite or child care services available to help me care for my family?
How do I get the most out of Regional Center services?
Where can I get advice from parents who have kids like mine?

How it works

We’ll pair you with a dedicated Navigator who has experience in supporting families like yours or raising their own children with disabilities.

With the help of Undivided specialists and the many tools of the Undivided app, you’ll have more confidence that you’re doing everything you can for your child.

1. Try a free Kickstart

During your Kickstart, your Navigator will talk with you about the programs your child currently accesses as well as services you may not know about. Your Navigator will help you identify goals and the next steps to make sure your child can get the support they need.

2. Tackle your priorities

In addition to 1:1 support from your Navigator, you’ll have access to all the organizational tools of the Undivided app for your child’s medical records, school documents, and anything else you want to store securely. The Undivided app is also home to step-by-step guides, checklists, articles, and videos created with the help of experts so that you can apply for benefits programs and get the most out of them.

3. Get access to ongoing support

You’ll have access to unlimited messaging with your Navigator and monthly Boost calls throughout the year. Together, you’ll make sure you can access all the resources available to your family. Your Navigator is here to connect you with answers to questions about special education, insurance, public benefits, and other aspects of supporting your child.

Undivided partners with parents raising kids with disabilities to make sure they are supported at every turn.

  • Expert-driven content, guidance, and solutions
  • The answers you need during live events and expert office hours
  • A private, moderated community of parents like you
  • A dedicated Navigator and the innovative Undivided app

Your Navigator is your partner at each turn

Every Undivided Navigator has years of experience supporting families raising kids with disabilities or parenting their own through years of IEP meetings. Partner with an Undivided Navigator for a Kickstart to learn first-hand what support feels like!

What’s your burning question? We’ll help!

We’ll help you find the answer to all your questions about IEPs, public benefits, insurance, and more.

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