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We help you look at your coverage, benefits, and claims to make sure your insurance plan is working the way it should be.

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Undivided claims support can file your claims for you and monitor them for correct processing.

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Understanding out-of-network reimbursement

Knowing the ins and outs of your health plan is key to your success.

Decipher your health plan’s coverage, exclusions, and lingo.

Research requirements for pre-authorization of services.

File timely and accurate claims.

Out-of-Network FAQs

Out-of-network simply means that a provider has not contracted with your specific (or often any) health plan. To work with this provider, you will access out-of-network levels of coverage on your plan, and will most likely submit your own claims for processing. Learn all about handling insurance claims in our Insurance decoder.

  • Network contract rates have been trending lower in recent years.
  • Network contracts may impose limitations on what services are covered by diagnosis. 
  • Low contract rates may limit the length of sessions that the provider can offer.
  • Not all of your child’s needs are covered by in-network therapy providers.
  • Your child’s primary care physician or specialist may recommend a therapy provider who is out-of-network.
  • It’s not uncommon for out-of-network providers to spend more time on clinical discussion with you and other members of your care team.
  • You should understand your health plan’s out-of-network benefits, coverage, and deductible. Coverage can vary dramatically depending on the benefit levels of your plan. 
  • You should know whether pre-authorization is required from your health plan for the service. (Pre-authorization will require a prescription and a written evaluation.) You will most likely need to file claims directly with your health plan.
  • You will often not know the exact amount of reimbursement you’re entitled to prior to submitting a claim for a service or visit. 
  • You will often need to pay your provider prior to receiving reimbursement (if you do receive reimbursement) from your health plan. 
  • Is the service or care considered medically necessary by a physician?
  • At what point will you meet the plan’s out-of-network deductible and see reimbursement begin?

In some cases, out-of-network providers can be covered at the in-network benefit level if you can prove that your out-of-network provider is uniquely qualified to provide a service that is medically essential.

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Why Undivided?

The Undivided team has 100+ combined years of experience parenting kids with disabilities and supporting parents of out-of-the-box kids in California. We are tenacious in our fight for access and support, both for our kids and yours.

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