Use this template to talk to your employer about Undivided support

We recognize that employer support is lacking when it comes to working parents raising kids with disabilities and learning differences, so we’re committed to bridging this gap by partnering with employers to offer Undivided’s many tools and resources.

We understand everyone’s situation is unique, and if you feel comfortable, we’d love for you to share the possibilities of how Undivided could support families like yours with your company’s HR department or director of employee benefits. To make this as easy as possible, we’ve included a user-friendly template below that you can fill out to highlight some of the statistics and experiences we’ve gathered from parents.

Dear [HR, Benefits Manager, etc.],

I’m the proud parent of [name], who has a disability [be specific if you prefer, ie: who is diagnosed with X]. Like any parent, I am committed to providing the best and most effective care for [him/her/them]. As you can imagine, researching and finding specialty care is daunting and time-consuming. I believe partnering with Undivided could be of great interest and value to our employees.

Undivided provides invaluable support to families like mine, offering expertise and advocacy for children with disabilities and/or learning differences. A dedicated 1:1 parent coach assists with tasks such as applying for and utilizing public benefits, developing customized care plans, accessing specialized school resources, and researching providers. Undivided works to significantly streamline each family’s approach to their child’s care, resulting in considerable time savings and enhanced quality of services.

Recent studies by Undivided indicate that about 8% of the workforce is caring for a child with a disability. 64% of these parents have seriously considered leaving their jobs, 60% report being exhausted at work, 47% feel overwhelmed on a daily basis, and 40% need to take unplanned time away from work weekly to care for their child.

Unsupported employees facing this circumstance might fall into some of the unfortunate statistics above, and most families I know would not feel comfortable reaching out to their human resources department for help.

Undivided recently launched an employer benefit offering. I genuinely believe that this could be a substantial asset for our organization, directly contributing to the engagement, retention, and productivity of impacted employees. My heartfelt request is that you [your team, leader, etc.]  consider arranging a meeting with Undivided’s CEO, Seth Besse, to explore this potential benefit. Seth can be reached by email at seth@undivided.io, or you can schedule a phone call using his Calendly link.

Thank you for your consideration. I believe that a partnership with Undivided could make a significant positive impact on our workplace culture and allow every [company name] family to feel seen.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Our goal is to expand our network of support, assisting even more families in providing the best possible care for their kids. We are grateful for your participation in our community — thank you for helping us lead the way!

Have questions? Schedule some time with our Care Crew and we’ll do what we can to help!

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