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Help families access the services and supports their kids need.

Undivided Navigators work one-on-one with parents raising kids with disabilities to help them tackle systems like public benefits, healthcare, and education. Navigators have years of experience with these systems themselves, either as professionals supporting other parents or in raising their own kids — sometimes both!

Navigators provide emotional support every step of the way to help parents set and accomplish goals, feel heard, and access all the services their kids qualify for so that their families can thrive. 

Supporting families raising children with disabilities

Autism | Cerebral palsy | Down syndrome | Other disabilities and developmental delays

Navigators help parents benefit from the experience of thousands of parents, experts, and providers, condensed into one place and customized to their family's needs. 

We’ll train you with our database of expert-driven articles, videos, and step-by-step guides on the topics that matter most to our families.

You’ll help parents stay organized with our web and mobile app, supported by our specialists in public benefits, insurance, and special education.

You’ll provide one-on-one support with families via message and video chat when they have questions, decisions, or wins to share.

What's your favorite thing about being a Navigator?

“I get to continue my passion as a former special education teacher! I love that I get to use my professional and personal experience in a new way.”
“Being able to help parents navigate what can be a challenging system! I get it because I’ve been there!”
“I love walking alongside families in their unique journeys and finding ways to make situations easier!”
“I love that I can use my experience as a clinical nurse specialist and as an advocate to continue helping families like mine. And that I can continue to learn from them as well!”
“As a mom of kids with disabilities, I know the struggles of getting thrown into the unknown world of disability. I am grateful that I can help families through my knowledge.”
“I love to help empower other parents to feel confident in raising a child with a disability.”

Our members say it better than we can.

Having someone to personally answer questions can make all the difference for a family. Many Undivided Navigators are parents themselves, here to help families through every challenge because they have been there, and they get it. 

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