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With all the tools of the Undivided app and a dedicated Navigator as your trusted partner, you’ll learn how to advocate for the educational supports your child needs and get expert tips to enter your IEP meetings feeling prepared and confident.

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What’s the difference between accommodations and modifications in my child’s IEP?
Is my child on the right track to get a high school diploma instead of a certificate of completion?
What accommodations should I ask for in my child’s IEP if they have ADHD and autism?
What do I do if my child needs a 1:1 aide?
How do I get my child assessed for using an AAC device?

How it works

We’ll match you with an experienced Navigator, who will provide personal support for immediate needs and long-term goals for your child’s education.

1. Try a free Kickstart

During your Kickstart, your Navigator will talk with you about the supports and services your child currently accesses at school as well as your priorities and concerns for the future. Your Navigator will help you identify goals and the next steps.

2. Tackle your IEP meetings with confidence

In addition to 1:1 support from your Navigator, you’ll have access to all the organizational tools of the Undivided app for your child’s IEP and other school documents. The Undivided app is also home to step-by-step guides, checklists, articles, and videos created with the help of experts in special education. Your Navigator or Undivided’s Education Advocate can coach you to prepare for school and IEP meetings, attend these meetings with you, and help you follow up afterward.

3. Get access to ongoing support

You’ll have access to unlimited messaging with your Navigator and monthly Boost calls throughout the year. Together, you’ll make sure the school provides everything they agreed to in the IEP. Your Navigator is also here to support you with public benefits, insurance, and other aspects of making sure your child has what they need.

Undivided partners with parents raising kids with disabilities to make sure they are supported at every turn.

  • Expert-driven content, guidance, and solutions
  • The answers you need during live events and expert office hours
  • A private, moderated community of parents like you
  • A dedicated Navigator and the innovative Undivided app

Frequently Asked Questions

An Individualized Education Program (a.k.a. IEP) is a legally binding document that outlines the services and supports your child needs to access a free and appropriate public education so they can thrive in school. Families and schools meet together to develop the plan, then use it to create a program that’s specifically tailored to your child. Check out our IEP decoder to learn all about who develops an IEP, what it contains, and how it can help your child get the most out of their education.

Yes! Undivided can help with both your annual IEP meeting and any additional IEP meetings you may want to call.

To get the most out of Undivided, we recommend contacting us at least two weeks before your IEP meeting so we can really get to know your needs and your family. Don’t have that much time? That’s OK — we may still be able to help.

To help you prep for your IEP meeting, Undivided can help you instantly summarize and organize your paperwork, know your child’s rights, and get up to date on the services available to your child.

But before we do all that, one of the most powerful ways we boost your confidence and help you prepare is to guide you in creating an "All About Me" to share with the IEP team. This helps the team get to know your whole child, including their strengths and loves, what you’ve found works (and what doesn’t), and how you and your child imagine their ideal future. Most importantly, Undivided families have found that by sharing their All About Me at the start of their IEP meeting, they nurture a shared sense of purpose that has a positive impact on the entire meeting and, ultimately, the IEP.

Undivided is designed for parents or guardians of kids under 18 years old with any type of disability. Currently, we are exclusively available to California residents, but we’re growing fast. Join our online community to be the first to know when we’re in your region.

Before you head into your IEP, you’ll work one-on-one with a dedicated Navigator to help you understand your rights and learn to effectively advocate for the services your child needs to succeed. If desired, we can also provide onsite support during the meeting. As an Undivided member, you’ll also have access to essential resources including your digital binder, our library of collective knowledge, live events with experts, and peer support from the Undivided parent community. You can try all of it FREE with a Kickstart.

Special education advocates (sometimes known simply as “advocates”) are special education experts who teach and advise parents seeking support for their children. Advocates typically charge $100-$300 per hour for tasks such as interpreting test results, writing letters on your behalf, helping you understand your rights, and attending your IEP meeting to provide in-the-moment advocacy and advice.

Special education attorneys are lawyers who specialize in special education law. They typically charge $300 and above per hour (although lawyer fees are sometimes recoverable in a settlement or if you win in court), and provide you with legal advice, assist you in preparing and filing due process complaints, and represent you at your IEP meeting, mediation, and/or hearing.

Part of being your trusted partner means that Undivided can help you figure out whether an advocate or attorney would be right for you. If it is, we can help you find a qualified, vetted professional to support your family’s needs. Either way, we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure that your child gets the most out of their IEP and beyond.

Trusted by parents in California

I had my IEP on Friday and it went really, really well. We were able to get our speech services increased, OT added, and all of our requested accommodations addressed.”
Undivided client

Your Navigator is your partner at each turn

Every Undivided Navigator has years of experience supporting families raising kids with disabilities or parenting their own through years of IEP meetings. Partner with an Undivided Navigator for a Kickstart to learn first-hand what support feels like!

What’s your burning question? We’ll help!

We’ll help you find the answer to all your IEP, public benefits, insurance questions, and more.

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